Youth Programming 


The main goal  or  C.A.M.P is to uplift the voice of the youth participants. We empower children to ‘speak out’ on their behalf and assist youth in finding their internal power and teaching them how to use their power effectively. At A Better Day, we promote and influence change. 


This program is designed for K-8th grade students who will benefit from enrichment experiences, access to mentoring, and life skills development. Each weekly lesson plan incorporates learning through literature and experiential activities. The curriculum provides us with the tools to help participants develop the following fundamental skills and more:


• Communication 

• Decision making 

• Goal setting

Program Desired Outcomes:

• Participants will become aware of how their background and experiences affect the way they view the world and interact with other people in their family and community.

• Participants will identify and practice the kind, caring, and responsible behaviors that go into being a productive and respectful family and community member.

Outcome of C.A.M.P

The questions below comprise the outcome measures for the CAMP Program. These measures assist the program with identifying its effectiveness in 5 key drivers that ultimately affect the participant’s ability to find their voice, embrace their personal power and use it positively.

The rating scale for the data below are as follows: The data is comprised of pre and post assessments completed by the parents which measure the participant’s ability to communicate, make good decisions, set goals, resolve conflict, and have empathy for others. The results of the assessments are quantified by a numeric evaluation scale 1-5, with one being the lowest and five being the highest and three being average. Scores from the pre and post assessments are stated in the charts below. The data are contrasted to determine participants benefit from the program by the percentages of change in each category.

"How would you rate your child's ability to set goals?"

"How would you rate your child's ability to communicate?"

"How do you rate your child's ability to make good decisions?"

"How would you rate your child's ability to have empathy for others?"

"How would you rate your child's ability to resolve conflict?"

The Data demonstrates improvement in communication across 5 of 5 data points.

Build A Bike Workshop

Our Build-A-Bike Workshop is dedicated to promoting bicycling as a safe, fun, efficient, and environmentally friendly transportation alternative for the Kids in the Child Advocacy Mentoring Program. The workshop will be held every Tuesday from 5:15 pm to 6:30 pm at Ram Bikes on the VCU Campus and will repeat with different groups every 8 weeks until the end of the school year. The Program is designed for 6 participants and each child will be provided transportation to and from the workshop.


In Partnership with the Science Museum of Virginia we will be hosting youth at The MiX program! MiX members work with mentors
to learn about 3D design, robotics,
electronics, computer science and
more. There will also be family
focussed activities offered with “THE MiX”



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