The Build A Mom and Build A Dad Workshops will help to reduce recidivism rates and strengthen family bonds. It provides parents with the necessary skills to effectively communicate with their kids. This could be a deciding factor for improving children's behavior and performance at school. The program helps build a Mom and Dad who are responsible at home and engaged outside with their community.

Parenting and Adult Programs

Some examples of the modules that we provide during this 12 weeks program are:


  • Personal Module ( Who am I) 

  • Building a Partnership

  • Family Communication: Active listening

  • Purpose, Identity, Direction

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Helping Children Behave

  • Child Development and Co-parenting

  • Entrepreneurship

  • Organizational Development

  • Continuous Education


The Build a Mom and Dad workshops are 12 week programs led by qualified social workers, certified facilitators, and guest speakers that include ex-offenders who managed to overcome their circumstances and lead a successful life.

In response to the needs caused by Covid-19 we are assisting our Returning Citizens with essential items once they are released from the Correctional Facilities.
We are set up every other Saturday from 10-12 at 101 Cowardin Ave Richmond, VA  23224

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We are also facilitating  training workshops on topics such as


Financial Literacy

Credit Repair/Building

Health Care

Health and Wellness

Cell Phone/Smart Phone 

To register for these workshops please fill out the registration form and indicate which one you are interested in. We will contact you with dates and times after we receive your registration.

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