A Better Day was created to keep families connected to their incarcerated loved ones by offering various programs designed to provide emotional support, resources, and guidance in navigating the criminal justice system during an extremely challenging and stressful period of their lives.


At  A Better Day, our mission is to restore hope in individuals, strengthen connections between family members, and provide vital resources and skills necessary for returning citizens to lead a successful and fulfilling life.  This takes the form of life skills development and bonding experiences for both Parents and Children affected by the trauma of not only incarceration but also extended separation, military deployments, and divorce through engaging them in a variety of empowering programs, workshops, and activities. 


Meet The Team

Flowers in Cone

LeTeisha Gordon

Founder & Executive Director 

Carson Parris

Charles Ajemian

Administrative Assistant

& Project Manager 

Community Outreach Director 

Violet Tamayo


Rafaa Khiari


Words from our Founder

"As a young person I, LeTeisha Gordon, was tremendously impacted by the absence of family members due to incarceration, divorce, and deployment. Their absence affected me socially, physically, and mentally. I was an introverted youth that felt abandoned and largely incapable because of the lack of parental and adult guidance. I had problems with communication, self-control, decision making, goal setting, gaining, and giving respect. As an adult, I realized other kids were affected by the same issues I endured as a youth. However, after much research, I failed to find programs that focused on these issues. Therefore, I developed The Child Advocacy Mentoring Program  (CAMP)  to address these issues  to help kids and families better cope with the unintentional victim syndrome."



LeTeisha Gordon  



A Better Day Than Yesterday Iniative  Program 

​P.O. Box 7629, Henrico, VA 23231


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